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Planting Schemes
Garden Lighting
  • Large pond with wooden bridge
  • Natural Pond
    Large natural pond
  • A raised brickwork pond
  • A natural pond and stream
  • Pond, rockery and planting scheme
    Brand new pond and planting scheme
  • A simple natural pond
  • New pond with seating area and planting scheme
  • Cascading waterfalls
  • A natural wildlife pond with rock surround
  • Beautiful natural pond
  • bridge over pond, paving
    Full garden landscape
  • Converting a tennis court into a Natural Pond
  • Gothic Folly
  • pond and rockery
    Stunning planting scheme, pond, rockery and patio
  • Raised rockery and Pond
  • Natural rockery stone
  • A stunning pond and rockery with waterfalls and a planting scheme
  • A stunning natural pond
  • Tranquil natural Pond
  • Raised Garden Pond
  • Victorian paving
    Victorian Paving
  • Full garden landscape
    Full Garden Landscape with Planting and Water Feature
  • pergola patio
    An Outside Dining Area
  • patio railway sleepers water feature planting scheme
    Full Garden Landscape
  • driveway patio
    Driveway with a Difference
  • contemporary patio hedging landscaping
    Contemporary Patio Area
  • Landscape contemporary patio
    Full Garden Landscape with Swimming Pool Surround
  • full garden landscape, pond, railway sleepers
    New Pond, Rockery and Landscaping
  • water feature planting scheme
    Steel Sphere Water Feature
  • patio, planting scheme
    Large Patio and Planting Scheme
  • full garden landscape, patio, brickwork, ppond
    Old Cottage Garden
  • garden lighting
    A Beautiful Night Time Landscape
  • garden lighting
  • Garden lighting
    Pond Lights
  • Garden lighting
    Pond and Patio Lighting
  • Garden Lighting
    Garden Lighting
  • Planting shceme
    New Planting Scheme
  • planting schemes, aquatic plants, rockery, waterfall
    Aquatic Plants and Rockery Shrubs
  • full garden landscape, planting sheme pond, rockery,waterfall
    Full Garden Landscaping with Pond and Planting Scheme
  • Winter landscape
    Think that the garden becomes dull in Winter? Time to think again!