The Plantsman’s Blog

The Plantsman’s Blog

The Plantsman’s Blog

Hopefully this blog might capture the attention, put myth to rest and inspire the captive public to venture into the realms of plants and gardens.

Now we all have time on our hands, gardening is the perfect antidote to boredom, isolation and basically gives us something to turn our minds away from the sadness and turmoil of the COVID 19 pandemic.

A top psychologist today reports that gardening is good for our mental state – so let’s get out there and help care for our minds and our sanity.

After more than 20 years working within one of the country’s leading tree and shrub nurseries and learning my trade first hand, I feel I have a wealth of experience from being surrounded by thousands and thousands of amazing plant specimens, learning all about them and getting down and dirty with all things flora – there is nothing else quite like it!

I consider myself a plantsman – someone who has learnt as much as possible about trees, shrubs and perennials; how they grow; what they do and what wonders they have to offer. However, at this juncture I’d like to point out that not all plants have the “wow” factor and some should actually be avoided being a disappointment to those unlucky enough to have bought them or have them in their garden.

I love:

· the good doers

· the ones that earn their keep

· the ones with year-round interest

· low maintenance with high output

I loathe:

· the thugs

· the problem givers

· the plants that disappoint

· those “experts” that extol the virtues of certain flora, when in practice they haven’t had first-hand knowledge of them or how they actually perform

On that last point, I’ve shuddered sometimes while reading the weekend papers and magazines where quite popular gardening personalities write absolute nonsense and mislead the general public by their suggestions and choice (some ghost writer obviously has been given a brief to write about a plant and done so without any horticultural knowledge or practical experience except the ability to “copy and paste” someone else’s misinformed information). It’s all very wrong really and a damage to our industry which doesn’t inspire the public to have confidence in plants and what they have to offer.

This all sounds like the ramblings of a madman but I hope within my blogs to instil a knowledge and confidence in the plants that I reference and suggest. Over these blogs I want to share with whoever follows, my knowledge of those plants worthy of mention and above all worthy to be included in any garden in the country (conditions permitting).

My recommendations can be googled or researched so I won’t go into great detail except to say that if they appear within my blog at any time you can have confidence that they will enhance your garden.

I’ll end this, my first blog with you, with a tribute to Dixon’s Landscapes with whom I have professionally worked with for almost 20 years. They have an established and renowned reputation for fine work and craftsmanship regarding hard-landscaping and water features (that’s the brick-and-mortar part of producing a well-designed and executed garden). Together with this, a team of honest and hard-working landscapers who bring the practical skills and experience of blending the hard-landscaping with the softer planting features to life. The final part of this jigsaw is the plantsman who works within this fine-tuned operation to suggest and select the perfect plants. Together these functions produce a final product which delights and satisfies the most demanding of client – and after all they deserve the very best!