Pond Maintenance

Before and After

One of the pleasures of having a water feature in your garden is to be able to tend to it occasionally and watch in wonder as it gradually matures into a beautiful natural setting. However, to help maintain the natural beauty, Dixons Landscapes offer pond maintenance services which include full pond clean outs, aquatic plant care, regular maintenance servicing for your filtration systems and the provision of stock tanks.

We are highly experienced in the maintenance of all pond care and filtration systems and can arrange with you to come in on a regular basis and deal with all those messy jobs that require time and skill. We can also arrange to clean out your pond once a year to ensure that your pond retains its clear waters so that your fish and plants remain happy and healthy.

Our highly trained team

Let the Dixons crew do your dirty work for you so you can reap the benefits of a stunning summer pond! On each visit the algae is removed to keep it under control especially in high season when it can clog up the filtration system.

Protecting your pond

If you are plagued by the Heron, pond nets and floating nets are a tried and tested solution for tackling the problem and the Dixons crew will be happy to bring these along and fit them to your pond.


After Winter

Any dead pond plants, weeds, dead leaves and left over food are raked away from the surface of the pond. The pond pump is cleaned and all pipe work and fittings are checked for leaks.

When the pond has been cleaned and the filtration system and pond pump checked, we can introduce a blanket weed treatment which really helps to maintain the natural balance of the pond especially in the warmer months. These chemicals are wildlife friendly and don’t cause any harm or distress to your fish.

We also check that your ultra violet filter lamp is working properly and doing its job as it helps to control the build-up of algae. All of its components are replaced annually. We make sure that the water level is at its correct height and help you keep your pond topped up in the summer months.

Don’t forget the finishing touches!

Pond plants bring instant beauty to your pond and we can help you choose from the many different varieties grown in this country. There are marginal and oxygenating plants which come in assorted mixes, potted oxygenators, oxygenating bunches, molluscs, a wide range of nymphaea (water lilies) in many colours and sizes, deep water aquatics and ferns.

We source all of our pond plants from trusted suppliers so please call us to arrange your pond care visit and for anything else that you need to help your pond look glorious all year round.

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